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Could Burlesque be about exploring a different part of yourself? – Perth Happenings

Posted 12th June, 2020 by

Article published on the Perth Happenings website as part of their Special Guest Features on the 11th June 2020.

Could Burlesque be about exploring a different part of yourself?

By Melanie Piantoni


Finding new things in life to make us feel renewed and excited about, sometimes comes to us by surprise!

When I started doing Burlesque many moons ago, it was an art form that I stumbled upon and it quickly became a huge part of my life and a hugely creative outlet!

By running a Burlesque academy I regularly hear the same positive comments about their discovery of Burlesque from students and established performers alike!

“I’ve never danced before in my life, but now I’m covered in sparkles and performing in front of an audience”

Burlesque dance classes have been a life changer for so many people! Unlike some other types of dance, the basics of Burlesque dance is easy to learn! After one lesson, most students leave with a BUMP, GRIND, SHIMMY in their step!

Doing a course ending in a performance is a great way to develop some confidence in this style of dance and feel a huge sense of achievement at the end. Burlesque as an art form is not all about dance, it’s a performance art which weaves theatrical techniques, mime, costuming and the art of tease. Becoming your stage character is so much fun and liberating!



“My body confidence has skyrocketed!”

What I love about Burlesque is that it is an art form that is all about embracing the body you are in, no matter what size & shape you are! There is nothing more empowering than performing in Burlesque show, having audiences and fellow performers applauding and encouraging you with their hoots and hollers.

“I made some amazing friends”

Meeting like-minded people can be life changing! I’ve seen so many of our students making friends for life through Burlesque classes. The sense of comradery not only in classes, but also backstage at shows is beautiful. There is nothing like glitter, false lashes and pasties to bring people together!


“OMG I just created this costume and I’ve never even sewn before”

A huge attraction to not only watching Burlesque but as a performer is the glorious costumes!

Anything goes and more is more when it comes to Burlesque costuming! A lot of performers opt for the ‘DIY’ option to creating their sparkly costumes to save themselves money! It’s amazing how quickly you can learn how to glue on crystals on a pre-bought Ebay corset or hand sew fringing onto your Target bra and knicker set! Once you start, you will be addicted to the frill of sparkles!

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