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Clara Cupcakes on Today Tonight!

Posted 16th August, 2011 by

Our gorgeous starlet Clara Cupcakes was featured on ‘Today Tonight’ TV on Channel 7 tonight!

An article was written about her as well on the ‘Today Tonight’ website.
By day Elly Squire works as a receptionist, quiet, mild mannered. At home she’s deft hand at baking but she’s taken her love of Cupcakes from the kitchen to the hurley burley world of the theatre. By night Elly becomes Clara Cupcakes sassy star of the burlesque stage. “I think part of it is kind of me almost a parody I think sometimes I can be quite out there but Clara’s just the next extension on that”
Read more of the article here!

Clara was featured on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ this year. Here is the clip!

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