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My Tic-Tac Tactic

Posted 10th May, 2010 by

I used to find that when I was on stage performing a particularly high-energy routine (or if I was just really nervous) I would get a dry mouth which meant when I smiled my lips would stick to my teeth and I’d just feel like a total goober. What I do now is tuck a peppermint tic-tac between my gums and cheek which (grossly enough)... • read more •

Stripping for the PM

Posted 4th May, 2010 by

I came across this article while browsing the Sydney Morning Herald site. Burlesque performer Gypsy Wood was asked to dance at Bob Hawke’s 80th birthday party recently.  Who was also in the audience?  None other than our own PM, Kevin Rudd. I think I’d be pretty stoked if I got to take it all off in front of KRudd.  And judging from his admitted previous ‘indiscretions’ he... • read more •

Why Hello There!

Posted 19th April, 2010 by

Hello my lovelies!  Clara Cupcakes here, resident hula hooper, fan thrower and aficionado on all things baked and sugary.  I thought I would start my string of postings by introducing you to my delightful namesake and how I came to decide on my bejeweled alter ego. I spent forever trying to decide on what my burlesque name should be.  I trawled through old movie starlets, character from... • read more •
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