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Burlesque Bible sold in Australia here!

Posted 14th May, 2015 by

burlesque bible spring 2015 picSugar Blue Burlesque is now selling the Famous Burlesque Bible Magazine.

We are only stockists in Australia, so get them on the Sugar Blue online store to avoid paying the international postage fees!

We will only send to Australian customers and the postage cost is part of the price.

Get to know the so sexy Roxi DLite who reveals it all in our exclusive interview.

This is a special fashion edition with costumes made by professionals, students looking to become professionals and performers who aren’t professional at all… So whatever your choice, you can find inspiration in this issue.

‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ could become ‘one small step for a performer, one giant leap for the burlesque world’ as our September 2014 cover girl Sukki Singapora made history earlier this year by becoming the first-ever Singaporean woman to legally perform a striptease burlesque act in Singapore.

We’ve got some amazing pictures from Immodesty Blaize’s wedding. Check them out.

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Buy your copy here for $16.10

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