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Black Market Cabaret this Wednesday!

Posted 6th May, 2013 by

Sheilas vs Divas!!!

Wednesday May 8th, 2013
Doors open 7.30pm
The Bakery
233 James St
Presale: General $25
Concession $23
Door sales: General $30


Black Market Cabaret this Wednesday

Black Market Cabaret brings you entertainment from the dark corners of town. This a show that brings you a variety of burlesque and cabaret performers from Sugar Blue and the greater performing arts community.

Sugar Blue Burlesque love a good battle, so this special show’s theme is Sheila’s Vs Diva’s! You will get to see some very funny boganlesque performers battling against their rivals the burlesque divas!!!

Dress up in the style of your favourite side – who are you rooting for?? Sheila’s or Diva’s


Hosted by the very funny and charismatic MC Swingin’ Sammy Poopenmeyer, Black Market Cabaret will feature Sugar Blue Burlesque performers and other amazing artistes who we want to showcase to you to bring you the best mid week entertainment!!

This show features the following performers..

Ruby DeLure
Ruby is on our ‘Diva’ team!
Ruby DeLure is a spotlight lovin’ Broadway Baby. The Miss Burlesque WA Winner of 2012, she dreams of the day when her name will be in lights on 42nd St, for now she’ll just high kick her way through life until she gets there.
This red hot beauty is ready to show the world what she’s got and with influences such as Liza Minnelli, Bernadette Peters and Gypsy Rose Lee she has much to offer.

Cécile Mimieux
Another Sugar Blue Burlesque gal on the ‘Diva’ team, ready to take on the Sheilas!
Cécile Mimieux is the sweetest thing on two (very shapely) legs. A pearl amongst pearls this very sexy lady, can chass é, pirouette, jet é and strip while on ballet pointe. With her porcelain skin, ruby red lips and jet black hair, this snow white is the real deal. Half girl next door, half femme fatale, a sassy ballerina that is a sight to be seen!


Odile Devine
This Sugar Blue ‘Diva’ is known for legs – wowzers!
Since the age of 3, Odile Devine has lived for the stage. Trained in classical ballet and with her passion for the vintage art, Odile entered the burlesque scene herself and has fallen in love. Using her training in Ballet, Aerial, Contemporary, Latin & Ballroom, Odile creates unique acts incorporating her love of choreography, story telling and costume design.

Ruby Slippers
The First of our ‘Sheilas’! Can the ‘Divas’ turn this girl into one of their own?
A fan of both film and folly, Ruby Slippers is a true Technicolour Temptress. Described as both “statuesque” and “a bit of a dag” in the same breath, Ruby brings her face making, booty shaking and burlesque reawakening to a stage near you. So gentlemen, grab your rods, and women hang on to your cones, because this Kodachrome Queen has to be seen to be believed! Ruby is also the Winner of the Miss Burlesque Perth 2012 Title.


Ginger Rabbit
Here is a Shelia who will tells you what’s what!!
Ginger Rabbit is very proud to be a real ginger, not just a hair colour but a state of mind.
Through utilizing her skills in magic, puppetry and dance, Ginger Rabbit is quirky, original, and just a little bit wrong.
She lists amongst her many achievements the mastery of shooting fire out of her knickers. This cunning stunt has to be seen to be believed.
The illegitimate love-child of Creativity and Danger, this fireball is so hot she is able to make 2 minute noodles in 1 minute.
This Neo vixen enjoys being obscenely overdressed – or stark naked. She delights in hoarding treasures found at markets, sunbathing at night and creating gigantic papier-mâché abstractions, sometimes all three simultaneously.
An attention whore, she will tell you that blondes are noticed but redheads are never forgotten.

Lola Cherry Cola

If you like AC/DC, then this ‘Sheila’ is for you!!
She is as sweet as her name suggests when performing her cheesecake routines, but also has a wicked side, especially when it comes to her neo burlesque acts, Roxanne and Bogan AC/DC!
Rock on Lola!!!

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