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Miss Indigo Blue: The Reigning Queen of Burlesque

Posted 7th June, 2011 by

Miss Indigo Blue has been named The Reigning Queen of Burlesque at the 2011 International Hall Of Fame weekend. Indigo is one of the performers I first stumbled across when I was researching tassel twirling and is definitely one of the world’s best! She is very good technically at twirling and has a clip on YouTube (below) where she showcases her skills.  It is one of... • read more •

Immodesty Blaise & Dirty Martini

Posted 6th June, 2011 by

Here are a couple of great interviews that delve a lot deeper than the normal write-ups you read with burlesque stars.  Some interesting thoughts and tales from the theatre-world. Immodesty Blaise Interview… Dirty Martini interview… • read more •

Bumper Burlesque Weekend In Las Vegas

Posted 3rd June, 2011 by

As many burlesque enthusiasts will be aware, this weekend is the 2011 Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend which of course includes the Miss Exotic World competition.  Who will be crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque? Who knows, but I sure as hell want to check out the clips on YouTube afterwards as no doubt there will be some astounding routines and costumes. Also happening this weekend in Las Vegas... • read more •

My Tic-Tac Tactic

Posted 10th May, 2010 by

I used to find that when I was on stage performing a particularly high-energy routine (or if I was just really nervous) I would get a dry mouth which meant when I smiled my lips would stick to my teeth and I’d just feel like a total goober. What I do now is tuck a peppermint tic-tac between my gums and cheek which (grossly enough)... • read more •

Stripping for the PM

Posted 4th May, 2010 by

I came across this article while browsing the Sydney Morning Herald site. Burlesque performer Gypsy Wood was asked to dance at Bob Hawke’s 80th birthday party recently.  Who was also in the audience?  None other than our own PM, Kevin Rudd. I think I’d be pretty stoked if I got to take it all off in front of KRudd.  And judging from his admitted previous ‘indiscretions’ he... • read more •

Michelle L’Amour – RAWR!

Posted 28th April, 2010 by

Here is one of my favourite YouTube clips that I’ve seen in a while. Michelle L’Amour is an American burlesque performer and this is her performance at the Toronto Burlesque Festival in 2008. It’s a relatively simple act in that it doesn’t involve complex choreography, costuming or props, but she executes it perfectly.  I think that’s when you can really identify a true burlesque star... • read more •

The Original Fire Tassel Twirler

Posted 25th April, 2010 by

Contrary to what some of you may think, I’m definitely not the first person who thought it would be a clever idea to set my pasties on fire! The first person to do that was Satan’s Angel way back in the 1960s in San Francisco. Below is a short TV snippet on Satan’s Angel including some recent footage of her amazing skills: And here is... • read more •
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