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2022 Sugar Blue Burlesque Academy Term Dates

Posted 13th January, 2022 by

Here are the Sugar Blue Burlesque Academy term dates as well as Fresh Faced Follies Grad show dates for each term.

Grad shows will be held at The Royale Theatre at The Planet Royale in Northbridge. Solo Students will perform at Unleashed, at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth.

Term 1: 10th Jan 2022
FFF Grad show: Wed 23rd Feb
Unleashed: Sun 27th March

Term 2: 21st Feb
FFF Grad show: Sunday 3rd April
Unleashed: Sun 24th April

Term 3: 4th April
FFF Grad show: Fri 13th May
Unleashed: Sun 29th May

Term 4: 16th May
FFF Grad show: Sunday 3rd July
Unleashed: Sun 24th July

Term 5: 27th June
FFF Grad Show: Sunday 14th August
Unleashed: Sun 28th August

Term 6: 8th August
FFF Grad show: Wednesday 28th September
Unleashed: Sun 9th October

Term 7: 19th September
FFF Grad show: Sun 6th November
Unleashed: Sun 20th November

Term 8: 31st October
FFF Grad show: Sun 11th December (TBC)

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