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Le Carousel Romantique

Posted 13th April, 2016 by

20160318 Le Carousel poster export-2

Le Carousel is a wildly energetic and raunchy rollercoaster ride” The West Australian Jan 31 2016. 

After a smash season at Fringeworld 2016 Sugar Blue Burlesque and Fliptease have raised the temperature of Le Carousel Romantique to red Downstairs at the Maj. 

Giving you hot tasters of the best Circus, Music and Burlesque performances with Supper Club styling.  

Le Carousel Romantique is a vibrantly diverse show incorporating music, comedy, dance, gorgeous costumes, exhilarating talents by Fliptease and alluring performances by the showgirls of Sugar Blue Burlesque.

With fresh faces and favourite features, come down to check out a new performer line-ups for each season.

Miss Gail Force
Fifi Fontaine

Bobbie Sox

Audio Erotica

MC Ginger LaMinge

all wrapped up with our stage cupid Amelia Kisses‘ bow!!

Show dates: 7.30pm Friday the 13th and Saturday 14th May… Grab your tickets now!!


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