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nihongo o hanashimasu ka?

Posted 29th April, 2010 by

Minasan!  Konichiwa!  O genki desu ka? In English that roughly translates to “Hello everyone!!!  How are you?”.  Why all the Japanese you ask?  Well I thought I’d share with you some little tidbits and (a sneak preview if you will) of a costume I am working on. When I started performing with Sugar Blue, I knew I wanted to do a Geisha act.  I’ve always... • read more •

Michelle L’Amour – RAWR!

Posted 28th April, 2010 by

Here is one of my favourite YouTube clips that I’ve seen in a while. Michelle L’Amour is an American burlesque performer and this is her performance at the Toronto Burlesque Festival in 2008. It’s a relatively simple act in that it doesn’t involve complex choreography, costuming or props, but she executes it perfectly.  I think that’s when you can really identify a true burlesque star... • read more •

The Original Fire Tassel Twirler

Posted 25th April, 2010 by

Contrary to what some of you may think, I’m definitely not the first person who thought it would be a clever idea to set my pasties on fire! The first person to do that was Satan’s Angel way back in the 1960s in San Francisco. Below is a short TV snippet on Satan’s Angel including some recent footage of her amazing skills: And here is... • read more •

Ginger Footed

Posted 21st April, 2010 by

I absolutley LOVE this clip of Ginger Rogers doing the charleston. The scene was cut from the original movie.  I am normally all about the big crazy wacky charleston but something about Ginger’s precision and girliness just fills me with dancing delight! Isn’t it wonderful!? So cute it kills me! I used it as inspiration for some of the choreography in a new rountine I did for our Per>Lon show.  More... • read more •

My tassel twirling inspiration!

Posted 20th April, 2010 by

A lot of people ask me why I decided to start tassel twirling and how I learned. A few years ago I was watching the Elvira Mistress of the Dark movie and at the end there is a fairly random scene where she does some phenomenal tassel twirling. I thought it looked like fun and when I received my first pair of twirling pasties for... • read more •
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