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‘Move of the Week’ Amelia Kisses (Week 4)

Posted 16th October, 2017 by

Week 4 of Sugar Blue Burlesque’s ‘Move of the Week’ comes from Amelia Kisses with her Burlesque Move ‘Grind Around Down’. Please try this move with knee pads on or practised on a soft surface like pillow to reduce any damage to your knees. If you enjoyed this clip, feel free to share. Check out our instructional DVDs here: or try out our vintage... • read more •

‘Move of the Week’ Penelope Pop (Week 3)

Posted 9th October, 2017 by

Week 3 of Sugar Blue Burlesque’s ‘Move of the Week’ comes from Penelope Pop​ with her advanced Burlesque Move ‘Spring Point Head Flick into a shimmy’. Please note, that this is an advanced move, care should be taken to warm up before attempting move and beware of flicking head up too quickly as this can cause neck injury. If you have enjoyed this clip, feel... • read more •

‘Move of the Week’ A’dora Derriere (Week 1)

Posted 26th September, 2017 by

Here is the first in Sugar Blue Burlesque’s  ‘ Move of the Week ‘ weekly series. Today’s inspiration comes from Sugar Blue Burlesque’s Director A’dora Derriere, with her burlesque move ‘ The Round, Round, Down..’ 🙂 If you have enjoyed this this clip, feel free to share. Check out our instructional DVDs here: or try out our vintage dance or Burlesque courses in one... • read more •

How to make a mini Sailor Hat!

Posted 30th November, 2013 by

Fancy a bit of a nautical themed outfit but down want to cover up all the hard work you put into your hair? Well, here’s just the ticket! Materials: –Fabric: Scrap corners will do, you really don’t need a lot. I used craft cotton for mine because it’s just a bit stiffer but any fabric will do. If you chose a really light fabric you... • read more •

How to make Seamed Stockings!

Posted 8th September, 2013 by

What you need: ~Stretch fabric- I used one-way stretch but if you want a little more comfort or have extra shapely pins you might like to try a two way stretch. ~Stretch Overlooking thread- You can use normal overlocking thread but sometimes it can break if you are a little rough while pulling your stockings up. ~Scissors ~Pins The grid is 1 square equals 2.5... • read more •

Youtube is your best friend!

Posted 4th August, 2013 by

As a burlesque performer, YouTube is your best friend! It’s a never ending, ever growing resource of information, techniques and ideas 🙂 Don’t know how to perfect a certain move? You may find a jazz dancer in the US to help you. Don’t know how to apply to perfect pout? There are a thousand ladies (& gents) at your finger tips ready to show you... • read more •

Painterly Pin-up

Posted 31st May, 2011 by

I have previously posted about the marvelous work Angelique Houtkamp and how inspiring it is, especially the way she draws womans faces. Her aesthetic is very 1920’s pin up. I use her style as inspiration for when I do charleston/ vaudeville acts. So, as promised, here is a little tutorial on how to do your makeup to look like an Angelique pin-up. This is definitely... • read more •
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